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Birthdate:Feb 5
Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

- Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself"

Can vei la lauzeta mover
de joi sas alas contra.l rai,
que s'oblid' e.s laissa chazer
per la doussor c'al cor li vai,
ai! tan grans enveya m'en ve
de cui qu'eu veya jauzion,
meravilhas ai, car desse
lo cor de desirer no.m fon.

(When I see the lark joyfully moving its wings against the sun's rays, and falling because of the sweetness that enters its heart, ah! a great envy comes upon me of all those who I see happy. I am astonished that my heart does not melt with desire.)

- Bernard de Ventadorn

Student, classical musician and literature geek, with an incongruous love for rap. Sarcastic and pretentious, but can usually be defanged by a particularly fetching stuffed animal.

Interests (130):

achilles, amsterdam viola quartet, angels, arabic music, arcadia, artistic integrity, autumn, bach, baking, battlestar galactica, beads, bellydance, berlioz, biblical scholarship, biology, book-to-film, books, brandenburg 6, buffy, cellists, cello, christianity, christopher marlowe, classical music, climbing, coffee, connie willis, cooking, death in the renaissance, dorothy sayers, early music, egypt, egyptian mythology, ellen kushner, epic, epigraphy, esther apituley, europa galante, eyeballs, fairy tales, fantasy, fiddling, flanders and swann, flexible identities, food, footnotes, french, grande messe des morts, granville island, greek, greek mythology, guitar, guy gavriel kay, hamlet, hebrew, hektor, heroism, hip hop, historical fiction, homer, iconoclasts, indian food, ireland, karate maybe, klezmer, knitting, languages, latin, lit crit, literary criticism, literature, lute, macbeth, madrigals, mannerpunk, marginalia, mary renault, masks, mesopotamia, milton, monteverdi, music, neil gaiman, oedipus, orpheus, overcaffeination, patroklos, polyinstrumentalism, rain, rainer maria rilke, reading, renaissance drama, richard burbage, robin mckinley, rock viola, rome, roses, russian, russian literature, russian music, scotland, sewing, shakespeare, shakespeare on film, shakespearean rap, slings and arrows, stagecraft, subverting literary criticism, tarot, tchaikovsky, tea, the duchess of malfi, the iliad, the reluctant cannibal, theatre, theseus, tigana, titus, tom stoppard, tragedy, tragicomedy, translation, umberto eco, urban fantasy, vampires, viola, violin, william shakespeare, writing, yoga
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