Well, maybe.

1. Most of what is preoccupying me these days I'm reluctant to share with anyone else, certainly not in detail.

2. Work's been interesting. I think I need to restructure my life a little, which bites because I was just getting used to having a routine.

3. I spent a while last night and today reading through old LJ posts. Two conclusions: I do a lot more on Facebook now, and I really miss the intellectual stimulation that school provided. I haven't been getting a lot of outside ideas lately, and so my preoccupations have been getting more personal and more depressing. (See item 1.)

4. I probably need to read more. (See item 3.) I have a big stack of non-fiction that I've barely touched because I've become intellectually lazy, and also, the internet. Dear self: be more awesome.

5. I've recently reconnected with two old professors and it makes me want to barf. The emotional knock-on effects of grad school have been long-lasting and life-changing. My posts about the original decision to apply are tagged "watershed week" and that has become truer than I ever knew.
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Today I: drank EPIC amounts of coffee (Beth's fault), played gypsy music (ditto) and Telemann, had sushi and tea with [livejournal.com profile] scazon, did yoga, listened to a lot of Oum Kalthoum, and read about half of Scott's journals of his last Antarctic expedition (on my iPod! I love the future!). I'm not totally sure how this is my life, but I'm a huge fan.

To sleep!
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My purse, when I got home this evening, contained:

One fuzzy hat.
One notebook.
One thin black shawl thing.
One copy of my resume.
My wallet.
My cell phone.
My bus pass.
A hardcover copy of Courtesans and Fishcakes, by James Davidson.
One jar of homemade pear chutney (a gift from a neighbour in return for homemade sourdough).
A Kaboodles Toy Store business card.
A copy of O Jerusalem, by Laurie R. King (um, which I meant to loan to [livejournal.com profile] noveldevice at her birthday party [Happy birthday Cat! Also: I have a book to loan you. :D])
My iPod.
A tuner.
A cake of rosin.
Three black gel pens.
A Moleskine planner that I don't use as much as I should.
A bracelet that I took off at a party and stuck in my purse last week.
Two pencils made of recycled newspaper.
A Green and Black's cherry chocolate bar.
A tube of lip gloss.
In a side pocket: a half-finished knit glove, attached to a ball of bamboo yarn and five double-pointed needles.
And a goodie bag from the birthday party, which contains, among other things, those candies with the fizzy centres and a plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

... I think I have a problem. (Also a very large purse. Fortunately.)
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1. Snow. Again. Why? Why?

2. The fire alarm went off FOUR TIMES during my NYO audition this morning. This sort of thing only happens to me, I swear.

3. On the plus side, that means they get to hear me being Unruffled on the tape, but whether that will help me out at all I do not know.

4. Pomegranate rooibos tea is surprisingly tasty despite containing hibiscus.

5. I hate my reading list and it hates me right back.
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1. Katari Taiko workshop = win. And also, exertion.

2. Summer employment = not yet forthcoming, but I have high hopes.

3. Pear rooibos tea = deliciousness.

4. I seem to be finally capable of feeling like I've had enough sleep in a night. Obviously I have now jinxed myself beyond all hope of repair, but the feeling remains a nice one.

5. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, but I seem to be enjoying it for the moment. Win!

6. Muahaha, piercings! Soon, I hope.

EDIT: I have no words to describe how awful this is. It just keeps getting worse.
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I keep meaning to post about the fact that I'm done exams and have free time now, but somehow I never have time. This Christmas thing is occasionally rather problematic. But life is good. I'm happy. My exams may or may not have gone well, but they're over. The second Baranduin concert was a rip-snorting success, and I'm excited about the next one. I bought my mother a Christmas present of awesome. I'm going to Langley tomorrow and staying there for three weeks. [livejournal.com profile] kurrs is sleeping on my couch right now. 'Sgood. I am liking my life.

I keep wanting to say something profound, but that would require too much thought and effort. I'm just drifting right now - there's a picture of the frontispiece of I think a cello that's been washed up on a beach that I saw once. That's me. It's maybe a tiny bit battered around the edges, but not too much, and it looks pretty content, all in all. It's at rest.


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