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It's been kind of a big year, all things considered.

In 2010 I:
- got a Real Job
- asked somebody out (hi Mike!)
- bought a viol
- played an entire recital on viol, in public
- got published
- looked at and picked out an adorable apartment and moved into it (instead of basically grabbing the first one to present itself)
- bought a Mac
- bought an iPhone
- got a short haircut that I really like
- bought a pair of skinny jeans
- bought my own web domain
- commissioned someone to write a piece for me
... for the first time!

I'm sure there's more. I have no idea what any of it is. I think this is a pretty good indicator of how crazy this year has been though!
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Inspired by [ profile] jeppa, [ profile] lalaithlockhart, [ profile] hipsunderhands, and possibly someone else that I'm forgetting right now (?), because I think it's a lovely idea even though I'm a bit late with it, here's a list of firsts in 2009.

This year I:

- got a master's degree
- got broken up with and got over it
- was hired to play baroque violin in a non-school setting
- learned to spin [although I totally snuck this in under the wire by about two days, and am still bad at it]
- was hired for contract work in my chosen field (arts admin) and told I'm doing a good job at it [baby steps! baby steps!]
- learned to knit in the round
- went to the folk festival
- taught music at an improv-based camp that I heard about on Craigslist
- submitted a poem to a competition
- got a car
- actually went to a university graduation ceremony
- bought a bikini
- swam in the ocean
ETA: wrote a double dactyl

So, lots of positives, it looks like, even though I feel like the universe has been whacking me over the head with sticks. Probably I should try to remember that.

And now: to the practice room!
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So far my new year has been productive. I'm reading The Yiddish Policemen's Union (which is really, really good), so I spent a while on that, had breakfast (first time in months), did some housecleaning, paid some bills, read half an article on Pompeian brothels (yes, my life is weird), uploaded some stuff to my band's Myspace page, which I'm apparently going to be doing a lot from now on, and now I am going to practice. Which is what I call starting off the new year with a vengeance.

(There might be an introspective thinky new year's post later, but then again, maybe not.)
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I honestly cannot wait for 2007 to be over. It had its moments, I admit, but on the whole it hasn't been a good one. BUT, although I usually just ignore New Year's, I'm doing a sum-up post anyhow. So yay. :D

2007: Year In Review In Numbers (And Occasional Words)

Degrees acquired: 1.
Degrees begun: 1.
Money earned: Not enough.
Money spent: Too much. (Noticing a pattern here? :D)
Languages learned (imperfectly): 1.
Foreign countries visited: 2!
People met: Numerous and awesome.
New hobbies acquired: 3. (sigh)
New medications acquired: 2.
Mental trauma: Significant.
Performances attended: Pretty much innumerable, I should think.
List of things to do with my life: Not noticeably shortened. In fact, probably lengthened now that I think of it. (No, no, this is a good thing!)
New Year's resolutions: Not made yet, but I think I will actually try to come up with some for once.
Weight lost: 15 pounds.
Physical fitness: Um. Working on it.
Pages written (scholarly): Roughly 120, I think. Give or take.
Pages written (anything else): Hahahaha.
Habitations: Various. Um. I think 6, at different times. No, wait. 7 8.
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On the other hand, I'm full of apricot brandy and rum pie, and... rather dizzy, actually. :D

Yes, that's right. Rum pie. My mother makes RUM PIE. Food of the gods, otherwise known as nectar and ambrosia. Jack Sparrow would fall over in ecstasy. :D

I just popped on to say happy new year to y'all, and I'm glad I know you. *big collective hug* I'm going to go write, now; I'll see you all next year. I might even be better at socializing. ;)


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